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You Get What You Pay For

After the News Jersey Star-Ledger began inquiring about the frivolous George Washington bridge closure, Governor Chris Christie’s staff had salty words for the state’s largest newspaper.


“Fuck him and the [Star-Ledger].

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Michael Drewniak is Chris Christie’s press secretary saying fuck you to the newspaper that endorsed his boss in his campaign against Barbara Buono even though, by their own assessment, he’s a fraud. And to make matters worse, Drewniak is also a former Star-Ledger reporter.

Based on emails examined so far, it seems clear that Christie’s entire inner-circle was aware of what was going on as early as last fall. It’s also clear that his staff sought to cover it all up and then stonewall the media and the state legislature.

It’s increasingly hard to believe Christie himself knew nothing about it until this week.


  • mrbrink

    “Fuck him and the [Star-Ledger].

    Hilarious. Oh, Star Ledger, I laugh in your general direction. Someday your abusive man will respect you. You’re just going to have to try harder to please him, or get used to wearing those dark sunglasses on your public endorsements.

    • mdblanche

      I’m beginning to think the real story behind the Star-Ledger’s endorsement was that they were visited by one of the governor’s aides who told them “nice little newspaper you’ve got here, it would be a shame if anything happened to it…”

  • muselet
    • mrbrink

      Unless I’m missing something, it seems like Josh is over-thinking aloud while doing his best Poirot(I found that unintentionally funny in the best possible way). His first problem, though, seems to be that he’s using Chris Christie’s public statements where he’s blowing off the idea of retaliation against a small town mayor because why would petty and small people beat up on smaller people, or the little guy?

      Great question. Let’s ask every bully in history why they do what they do. Ha ha!

      In the meantime, the emails calling the mayor of Fort Lee names and laughing at the thought of the children of Christie’s political challengers/enemies stuck on a bridge seems to be pretty damning stuff.

      • muselet

        I’d say Josh Marshall is right that this whole story makes no sense. All this effort to punish the mayor of a small town? He’s right: something doesn’t fit.

        I don’t think Marshall (or anyone) thinks Chris Christie is above these sorts of antics (and the level of dickishness was higher than originally known), because clearly he’s not. But even the high-school senior stuffing a freshman head-first into a trash can has a clear motive for his actions. I don’t see a clear (or even hazy) motive for blocking lanes on the George Washington Bridge.

        The whole story is very odd and something doesn’t fit. My hope is simply that the truth, once known, will end once and for all the national political ambitions of Chris Christie (his underlings ending up unemployable would be a nice lagniappe). The thought of a President Big Chicken (as Charlie Pierce calls him) makes my skin crawl.


      • MrDHalen

        Yea, I think Josh is over-thinking it as well. Progressives are guilty of “Projection” as well I guess. Conservatives project their evilness onto us and we project our decency onto them.

        I think this will make its way to Christie. Maddow’s theory seems closer to the mark than just getting back at the Fort Lee mayor. If this was limited to just New Jersey, maybe he gets away with it, but with New York’s Port Authority involved, he’s toast.

        • incredulous72

          Agreed. Maddow’s theory on Thursday night makes motive clearer. I said to myself that Christie’s vindictiveness has not received much recognition because it has taken place primarily within the state and while those within state lines may know what he’s up to, right across the bridge in New York, it’s still kept under wraps. His mistake was allowing his arrogance to take it to the interstate, which affected New Yorkers as well. That’s what ultimately made it national news.