LGBT Super Stupid

Fact Check

The most depressing part of this is the involvement of the state university’s journalism school.

“This (bill) is not a discrimination bill,” state Rep. Adam Kwasman (R) said. “It makes no mention of sexual orientation.”

The fact-checking group — a collaboration between the Arizona Republic, KPNX and Arizona State University’s journalism school — rated that statement “true.” It reached that conclusion because the bill doesn’t explicitly mention sexual orientation and Arizona law doesn’t protect gay people through its anti-discrimination statute.

The collaborative group have since updated their stance from “true” to “somewhat true, somewhat false,” but even that is ridiculous.

SB1062 would have provided a shield to those who refuse service for religious reasons. It’s a discrimination bill. To reach any other conclusion you have to ignore all context including the stated motives of those who pushed for passage of the bill.

The good news is Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the bill under immense pressure to do so, but “journalism” took a hit today.

  • muselet

    The very term “fact-checking” implies that considering facts, a/k/a reality, is part of the process. Why is that so hard for some people to figure out?


  • muselet

    “This (bill) is not a discrimination bill.”

    Uh-huh, and I’m 23 and have the body of a Greek god.


    • KanaW

      Photo, please!

      (joking) :D

  • IrishGrrrl

    Yeah, I found this little gem of journalistic poo this morning and just did a break down of just how wrong they are. But the Arizona Republic can’t win for losing…they get the “liberal bias” accusation all the time even though they are pretty conservative. The only person there that is recognizably honest is E.J. Montini and he gets excoriated every time he opens his mouth (hasn’t stopped him though). I don’t like the Republic but there aren’t many other options. The ONLY honest paper in this state is The Phoenix New Times (, which is free. Unfortunately, it’s full of all kinds of weird ads because they have to pay for it somehow. Perhaps that lack of “ownership” helps keep it free from influence. Arizona is a desert in more ways than one.