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Georgia state officials have approved a new licence plate featuring a confederate flag that covers the entire plate. Because its our heritage.

From the Associated Press

The Georgia division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans requested the new plate design, and the Georgia Department of Revenue recently approved it. The group’s old plate had a small Confederate battle flag. The new one features an additional, larger image in the background that covers the entire plate.

Spokesman Ray McBerry said the group meant no offense and views the plates as a way for people to honor their heritage.

Just so we’re clear, the “heritage” McBerry and his brethren want to honor is one of declaring war against the United States and waging a bloody campaign to preserve slavery.

The confederate flag doesn’t represent backyard BBQs or beans and corn bread, it represents treason and brutal violation of human rights.


  • ninjaf

    Someone in Georgia needs to petition for a license plate to honor descendants of the British soldiers who died during the Revolutionary War. After all, heritage is heritage. if you are going honor one war, you need to honor them all.

  • D_C_Wilson

    But are there enough orange 67 Dodge Chargers in Georgia for everyone who wants such a plate?

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Hmm. Somehow I can’t get into the whole panty-embunchening over this. I’m not altogether opposed to letting people advertise who they are and what they believe in, and pay the state for the privilege.

    • reginahny

      In the words of the wonderful Maya Angelou: “when people show you who they are, believe them.”

    • Don Rusho

      Joy! The Treason in Defense of Slavery Flag flies again!

    • beulahmo

      No, I’d rather have them advertise it openly too, but it’s galling that the state is serving as the agent for merchandising and sales of the thing.

  • Ned F

    They may as well just print their own money again, way things are goin’.

    • mrbrink

      They already do in a way. They buy and sell in batshit.

      Conservatives live in their own world where every book is a best seller, every super pac a grass roots movement, and every political ad a voice of the real people. Evangelicals are a great example of a fishbowl economy. 99% of the laundered money in politics is in scamming a willfully gullible right wing America over and over again.