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Idiot Quote of the Day

“It is really freezing in D.C. I have to admit I was surprised. Al Gore told us this wouldn’t happen!” -Senator Ted Cruz

Zing! Pow! Get it? Why does Al Gore use airplanes?


The GOP will be in for quite a shock when they discover the next generation of voters either don’t know or don’t care about Al Gore. All they know is their parched states are frying.

Climate change is a daily reality for millions of people. Just ask anyone living in California.

  • Badgerite

    This is why I think the initial labeling of this was in error. Global warming is the cause. The EFFECT is climate change. And the effect is what people are going to notice and see happening in their lives. It would have been better to describe these global changes in climate as climate change cause by pollution, which is what it is. The earth is heating up due to fossil fuel usage and that is going to change climate the world over.

  • Robert Scalzi

    Yes … please ask me …. I am overjoyed at the moment as we have had the first REAL rain in 13 months here in the SF area and first REAL BIG snow in the same period in the Sierra’s . Global Warming – or Climate Change ‘ I don’t care what you call it is REAL. I have been a front row witness to the effects of Global climate warming change and the scary thing is that we need 10 more systems like this latest oneto get back to a non drought situation – translated means we need 25-50 inches of rain in the SF Bay area (50 in the north bay and 25 in the south bay – ie silicon valley and san jose ) and 60 more feet of snow this winter to get back to NORMAL. the wall of High pressure that has dominate our weather here has finally skipped town after a 13 month blocking campaign – fortunately for CA it was less stubborn than the republicans in congress. Lets hope it stays gone and we get that rain and snow or we will all be feeling it at the store.

  • mr spork

    No “Al Gore invented the Internet” joke too, Ted?

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Is he / Are they really this stupid, or do they just know how stupid their audience is, and how stupid one would have to be to vote for him / them?

    • ninjaf

      They claim that they aren’t really that stupid, but rather we (“libtards”) don’t know how to take a joke. But when you are constantly saying stupid things like this, how can you NOT think they are stupid rather than unfunny?

      EDITING TO ADD: I can’t wait to see the twisted logic when they try to explain why he is eligible to be president but President Obama is not.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Honestly, I don’t know which is worse.

  • muselet

    The comedy stylings of Ted Cruz, ladies and gentlemen!

    Get the hook.


  • zirgar

    So, no smartass remarks from conservatives about the worst drought in centuries in California? Huh? What was that? *crickets* Yeah, I didn’t think so. Fuck you, Ted Cruz, and your snarky little dipshit-ticisms and your idiotic fucknuttery.

  • Nefercat

    No, Ted. No, he did not. Do not blame Al Gore for your stupidity in not understanding the difference between weather and climate.

    Also, Ted, it might surprise you, but did you know that for HALF of the PLANET, it is now SUMMER? And a hot one, too. You can look it up.

    These clowns have the psychological development of infants. The only reality is what they, personally, are experiencing right now.