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Artist – Jeff Darcy

In other news, Senator David “Da’Shitter” Vitter introduced a bill this week that would prohibit states from offering in-state tuition to immigrant students.

This is the part where States’ Rights takes a backseat to your political campaign back home in your own state. This will play well with conservative Louisiana voters.

  • Christopher Foxx

    This will play well with conservative Louisiana voters

    Depends on whether the voters are as hypocritical as Vitter. I expect they are and will happily have their state’s rights trampled if it means “stickin’ it to them immugrunts”.

    In the meantime, why aren’t reporters asking Vitter how he reconciles this with his stand on states’ rights?

    Oh, right. I forgot for a moment there. They’re “reporters”, not journalists. Never mind.

    • IrishGrrrl

      We ought to just use “stenographers” from now on.