See How Easy That Was?

In case you missed it, John Boehner told his caucus during a closed-door meeting this morning that the Republicans-controlled House of Representatives will vote on a clean debt ceiling bill.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) told rank-and-file members that the leadership’s latest plan to tie a military pension provision to an extension of the $17.2 trillion debt limit had failed to win enough support, forcing him to schedule a vote on a “clean” bill that will be carried by Democrats.

The House will vote tonight on the clean bill, as lawmakers are set to depart Wednesday for a nearly two-week recess.

Boehner could have easily passed a clean debt ceiling bill last year, or the year before that, or the year before that, but he chose not to. So why now?

Some will posit that they’re backing down because ‘President Obama finally stood up to them,’ but I disagree. That may be a factor, but the real story is that the Republican party is so fractured they can’t even pass their own agenda in a House that they control. In the past that wasn’t the case.

They didn’t have the votes to pass anything of their choosing in exchange for raising the debt ceiling this time around, leaving Boehner with no choice but to pass a clean bill.

The last major item the GOP House was able to pass on their own without significant Democratic support was a sweeping abortion bill, and I believe that may be the last thing they pass on their own this year.

Conservative organizations such as the Club for Growth are calling for John Boehner’s head for agreeing to pass a clean debt ceiling bill, but it’s clear by now that their words aren’t worth spit.

  • PhilSimms

    I disagree with the concept that Republicans are so fractured they can’t pass anything of their choosing…they seem to be able to get the votes to repeal Obamacare time and again. On CERTAIN issues they are too fractured to pass anything…on that I agree. Much of the reason they keep losing the debt ceiling hostage taking is because of the refusal by the Democrats to negotiate with the hostage takers.

  • D-Nice

    Newsflash – GOP does their job. Story a 11..

    • Kitty Smith

      What makes it hilarious is that they did their job because they couldn’t do the job they wanted to do.

  • muselet

    This just in:

    The House of Representatives passed a clean debt ceiling increase proposal on Tuesday afternoon.

    The vote was 221 to 201.

    Paul Ryan voted against the increase, proving once again both that the Rs’ official Numbers Guy doesn’t really understand numbers, and that he’s still running for president.

    Oh, and Ted Cruz is still threatening to fillibuster the debt limit vote, proving once again both that he’s a moron, and that he’s still running for president


    • Victor_the_Crab

      Yeah, it’ll work just as well as his last “fillibuster”. Meaning, it won’t. And he’ll look like an even bigger moron to the vast majority of Americans. But, in his own delusional mind, he’ll think he became a hero again.

      • muselet

        He may look like an obstructionist loon to most of the country, but the majority of Texans will eat it up with a spoon and that’s the important thing.


        • IrishGrrrl

          And the cash will flow in his direction….and when it’s time for him to “retire” from public service, there will be a nice cushy job waiting for him sponsored by the same foaming at the mouth supporters.

  • IrishGrrrl

    I’m loving me some GOP self-imposed destruction…consider that popcorn popped.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      I like my popcorn flavored with the tears of the GOP.

      • IrishGrrrl

        Wait in 3…2…1…the Great Orange Congressman will probably deliver.

      • MrDHalen

        It’s the salt that makes it good!