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The Racist Homophobe Independence Bowl

December 21, 2013

The official name for it is the Duck Commander Independence Bowl, but let’s be real; this is the Racist Homophobe Bowl to be hosted in Shreveport, Louisiana.

via SBNation

Those Duck Dynasty folks are unstoppable. They’ve now got their own bowl game. The Tim Fletcher Show first reported that the Robertson family’s company would get naming rights to the Shreveport, La. Independence Bowl, and ESPN’s Brett McMurphy confirms:

More from the Shreveport Times

“We can confirm that Independence Bowl Foundation officials are very excited about a partnership with Duck Commander,” Missy Setters, the executive director of the Independence Bowl, said.

The Duck Commander, based in West Monroe, is best known for the hit A&E show “Duck Dynasty.”

I don’t think it’s appropriate to put college athletes in a situation where they will be inadvertently representing a brand known for homophobia and racism simply because that’s the bowl game their football team was selected for. This is no different than if the Rush Limbaugh Show signed a deal to sponsor the Rush Limbaugh Slut Bowl.

Duck Commander already sponsors sporting events such as a NASCAR race in Texas, but that does not involve college students. College athletes do not have a say in where they play.

I have no doubt that we will hear about this again when bowl season returns.

  • ninjaf

    Why is this any worse than the Chick-fil-A bowl?


  • Christopher Foxx

    College athletes do not have a say in where they play.

    Not entirely true. There would be consequences if players refused to play, but taking those consequences or “inadvertently representing a brand known for homophobia and racism” is a choice. Bad as it is, the NCAA hasn’t yet promoted slavery.

    • JMAshby

      You’re kidding right? Do you think the average college athlete has the luxury of deciding between their possible professional career and participating in the Duck Command Bowl? Some choice. This shouldn’t be permitted.

      • trgahan

        Agreed…for a college football player it is all about access to playing time and it is the primary weapon coaches use to “control” their players.

        For all except the one or two players per team known to be destined for the NFL since age 6, playing time does not go to fastest, smartest, strongest, etc. but to the ones showing the most “dedication” to the team and coach…ie. the ones that STFU and never rock the boat.

        A D-1 starter refusing to play a bowl game for ethical reasons would be better to just go ahead and transfer to a D-II program right afterward. He’ll never step on a D-1 game day field again.

      • Christopher Foxx

        I didn’t say it would be an easy choice. I very specifically said there would be consequences if they chose not to play (although I do think those could be somewhat mitigated depending on how they handle it).

        But my point was, there is a choice. I’ll agree with you it’s not a great one. Will you acknowledge there is one?

        • JMAshby

          That’s bullshit and you know it.

          Gee, I’ll go to this embarrassing bowl game or I’ll go to the NFL draft when the season is over. Let me think about that!

          • Christopher Foxx

            I don’t think we’re really saying anything that different. At most, a difference in degree. You claim there’s no choice (while actually noting there is one). I say there is a choice while acknowledging it’s a very sucky one.

            You want to disagree (on what, I dunno), go ahead. But don’t resort to telling me what I know because you disagree.

  • muselet

    According to Wikipedia, Duck Commander Inc had $40 million revenue and $20 million operating income in 2012, so it’s decent sized but hardly a huge company. How could it afford naming rights to a college bowl game?

    Behold. This isn’t nearly the big deal it’s being made out to be.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say Phil Robertson is afraid A&E will actually pull the plug next time he says something hateful. The Racist Homophobe Bowl is his Plan B for staying in the public eye.


    • mrbrink

      Kind of like putting hotels on the Baltic and Mediterranean Ave. of bowl games.

      Highest rollers in the trailer park.

      But now they can’t be terrible people. They have a Bowl game named after them!

      This is how Reagan keeps getting away with murder.

      • muselet

        “Highest rollers in the trailer park.”

        Hand on heart, that made me laugh harder than anything I’ve read in a week.


  • Robert Scalzi

    maybe it is time for the NCAA to flex some muscle for good instead of evil and put the kibbosh on letting whomever concocted this bigoted abomination have a bowl game anymore , not like missing one of the 47 bowl games is going to really matter anyway.