Chris Christie Open Thread

The Road to Socialism


Artist – Matt Weurker

In other news, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been given the Okay to use his campaign to bolster a legal defense fund. Honest question: have any past presidential candidates had a legal defense fund?

Meanwhile, West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has announced that the state will fund a team of independent experts to study the possible long-term impacts of the Freedom Industries spill.

  • IrishGrrrl

    The WV state government shouldn’t be funding anything long term yet because they haven’t frigging cleaned anything up yet!!!! Why isn’t the state using it’s funds to sue the shit out of Freedom Industries? I mean get an injunction to halt their bankruptcy, confiscate their funds to pay for first and foremost the clean up and then the study of its affects.

  • vp

    Excellent cartoon. lol

  • muselet

    RIP, Sid Caesar.