The Wrong Approach


House Republicans are preparing to vote on two bills that would repeal separate parts of Obamacare, but this one in particular is perfectly demonstrative of the GOP’s deference to business over employees.

One of these is the Save American Workers (SAW) Act, H.R. 2575, which would repeal ObamaCare’s definition of “full-time employee.” The law requires companies to offer health plans to their workers when they have more than 50 full-time employees, and says anyone working 30 or hours hours [sic] a week is classified as full time.

Rep. Todd Young (R-Ind.), who sponsored the SAW Act, is one of dozens of Republicans who argue that this definition creates an incentive for companies to only allow people to work 29 hours a week.

In some cases companies are reducing work hours to avoid providing healthcare to their employees.

From the Republicans’ perspective, this means there is a problem with the law, not the culture of business. They defer to the wishes and machinations of business over the fundamental needs of citizens and employees.

This is not the perspective of Democrats. The two parties are not the same.

There has been a significant amount of public backlash toward corporations that have announced their intentions to cut employee hours to avoid providing health insurance.

  • nicole

    I doubt that such a bill would pass the senate. As usual, the congressional idiots are playing silly games instead of working at something constructive that would actually, you know, benefit the people which they are supposed to serve.

    Bunch of damn loser sociopaths.

  • Scopedog

    “This is not the perspective of Democrats. The two parties are not the same.”
    Yep. But that doesn’t stop batshit crazy Firebagger/Dudebro complex from constantly howling that they are, which is why we need third parties or Nader in the White House.

  • Axomamma

    Oh, brilliant! So now employees who work 39-1/2 hours a week will be considered part time, relieving their employers of the burden of having to provide health insurance. Wow. Somebody give these guys a prize.