They Aren’t Hiding It

Following up on the earlier story about kicking 96,000 people off of Medicaid; Arkansas state Representative Nate Bell (R) introduced an amendment to the appropriations bill (the bill did not pass) aimed specifically at discouraging enrollment.

“We’re trying to create a barrier to enrollment,” Bell told the Arkansas Times about an amendment he introduced to a bill that would have extended funding for the state’s Medicaid expansion. “[W]ithout active marketing, you probably get declining enrollment.”

I’m going to repeat it again; those who have enrolled aren’t costing the state a single penny. The federal government currently covers 100 percent of the cost.

Bell and his cohorts want less people to be covered for purely ideological and political reasons. This isn’t policy. It’s a fart joke worthy of kindergarten. In his next amendment Bell will ask the legislature to pull his finger.

  • D_C_Wilson

    “This isn’t policy.”
    Of course not. The GOP doesn’t do policy anymore. They do power and obstruction. They don’t run for office because they want to govern. They run to prevent others from governing.

  • Ipecac

    And will the thousands of people in his state getting screwed over call him on it and vote out the Republicans? Probably not.

    That’s what thirty years of propaganda and disinformation do to voters.

  • Christopher Foxx

    Bell and his cohorts want less people to be covered for purely ideological and political reasons.

    So why aren’t the 61 Democratic members of Arkansas’s legislature, Mark Pryor (US Senate – D) and every other prominent Democrat with any connection to Arkansas not to mention every Democrat in Washington grabbing every available microphone and saying exactly that? Use Arkansas as an example. I’m really sick of how wimpy and un-confrontational people in a position to do something are.

    “They aren’t trying to help you. They aren’t trying to save you money. They want one thing and one thing only: They want you to get sick and die.

    They would rather that happens than have anyone notice that the Democrats did something good for you. Because if people notice that, they will also notice that the Republicans haven’t done anything for you. That, in fact, the Republicans want you to suffer and die before you figure that out.”

    No doubt the Republicans would respond with shock, shock!, that anyone would be so mean to say such things. To which, of course, the Democrat response should be an on the record “Bite me.”

    • D_C_Wilson

      The republicans have made poutrage into an artform. A republican can say that a prominant democrat eats puppies and no one would bat an eye. But the moment any democrat says something even slightly off-color (even if it is 100%) accurate about a republican, and the pearls and fainting couches come out. The democrats need to learn to hang tough and not apologize everytime the republicans cry “Meanies!” at them.

      We need some democrats to follow Truman’s old maxim, “If the republicans would stop lying about us, we’d stop telling the truth about them.”

      • Christopher Foxx

        The democrats need to learn to hang tough and not apologize everytime the republicans cry “Meanies!” at them.

        Or merely threaten to do so.

        Seriously, a lot of the past 14, hell, 22 years could have been avoided if Democrats had the least bit of spine.

      • Rollo Tamasi

        What you’re describing is the media reaction. As you said, no one in the MSM bats and eye when Republicans say nasty things, but, they are all over a Democrats when they do. There is little to no media blowback for Republicans. The same cannot be said for the Democrats. So it’s not a simple as saying the Democrats should to what Republicans would do.


        I think that there is a myth that Republicans are message gurus. What is left unsaid is that the message mostly works on the media. A conservative beltway media that is very eager to push that message. I don’t even know if works is the right word, at times it seems as if the MSM is complicit (the CBO Obamacare “job losses” come to mind).

        I believed this myth until the 2012 election. The beltway bubble proved to be just that, and the rest of America was not buying the BS.

        Obama’s Media Coverage More Negative Than Romney’s

        • IrishGrrrl

          Yes, and who holds the media to account? With all due respect to those organizations that do “watch” the media, seems like it isn’t working. Ultimately no one holds them accountable and thus the IOKIYAR charade continues….