Alan Grayson

Alan Grayson Accused of Shoving, Knocking-Down His Wife

It’s no secret that I think Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) is one of the Crazies. And if this is true, he’s also a dick.

A Florida judge has granted Rep. Alan Grayson’s (D-FL) wife custody of the couple’s children, and barred contact by her husband, following an incident where Lolita Grayson says her husband pushed her against a door.

The Orlando Sentinel reported Tuesday that Rep. Grayson’s press secretary, Lauren Doney, said in a statement that the allegations “are absolutely false, completely unfounded, and clearly designed to vilify and harm Congressman Grayson.”

The incident occurred Saturday at the Graysons’ home in Orlando, just weeks after Lolita Grayson filed for divorce from the congressman. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is currently conducting a domestic violence investigation, and Rep. Grayson has not been arrested or charged in connection to the incident.

In a petition for the injunction filed on Monday, Lolita Grayson described an altercation where Rep. Grayson “deliberately and with force pushed [her] very hard against the front door, causing [her] to fall to the ground as a result,” according to the Sentinel.

  • MsYellowDog

    I hope this is not true.

  • raina

    Divorces are usually acrimonious, with accusations from either side, so I’d wait and see how it plays out.

    I don’t know if he’s one of the crazies, but I do think he is a blowhard.

  • jewelbomb

    How about a sentence or two explaining why you feel he’s “one of the crazies?” I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I don’t really know much about the guy other than the whole “Republicans want you to die quickly” thing for which he became famous. Without some explanation, it seems as though you’re engaging in little more than name calling.

    • villemar

      I would say his hyperbolic hysteria over the NSA thing and total, unquestioning adoption of the Greenwald/Snowden narrative qualifies him as one of the crazies.

  • j.martindale

    I think you might mention in your article that an associate of Grayson’s was reported to have been with him at the house and saw the event, and denied that Grayson pushed his wife. It seems relevant.