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Award-Winning Journalist Thomas Ricks Goes to War Against Greenwald

Of course it’s too late now. Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden will never deign to condemn Russia for its surveillance abuses or, specifically, its aggression against Ukraine. Once again, Greenwald and Snowden have been called out for their hypocrisy on this issue and, as we’ve observed, Greenwald definitely isn’t the sort of ego who concedes anything to anyone he perceives as his enemy — and that includes anyone who tweets challenging questions to him, the ranks of which now include two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and national security journalist Thomas Ricks.

You might recall Ricks’ in depth reporting during the Bush years and the Iraq War, along with the time recently when he challenged Fox News Channel’s Benghazi reporting while on Fox News; a trespass that led to the interview being cut short by the network.

Indeed, Ricks, who claims to have been open-minded about Greenwald and Snowden, finally ran out of patience and confronted Greenwald on Twitter regarding his total silence on Russia. Naturally, Greenwald reacted with his usual dollops of petulant smarm.

Predictably, Greenwald’s personal Beetlejuice, Mona Holland, appeared to defend her former law partner (tweet the name “Greenwald” three times and Mona pops into the thread). Greenwald’s disciples piled on and everything descended into a Twitter outrage scrum.

But of course Ricks is right to question the deafening silence from Team Snowden on Russia and, come to think of it, Brazil… READ MORE

  • Sabyen91

    I bet Greenwald got beat up daily growing up. His petty, passive-aggressive peevishness is grating. I can definitely see him as an snot-nosed 8 year old brat.

  • elgallorojo

    Glenn Greenwald must be demonized each and every day for crimes against Bob’s fragile psyche.

    • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

      After all his insane hyperbole and blatant bullshit, who in the word takes Glenny seriously anymore? His following is as fanatical and delusional as truthers.
      And his crap is not just pointed out on this blog, he’s being exposed for being an opportunistic hack on many other websites as well.

    • Sabyen91

      Oh, look, a Greenwald acolyte with a passive aggressive comment. How is that possible?

  • JMAshby

    I may be biased, but it feels like Greenwald has finally crossed the line that will bring his commentary into question among most rational people. Putin could march into Kyiv and Greenwald would still be sitting there ranting about America.

    • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

      Glenn Greendrone is always about what’s good for Glenn Greendrone.
      He’s just another narcissistic asshat with a keyboard and a fringe audience.

  • bbiemeret

    Why is it always a wedding. Either we really hate it when Arabs get married, or I call bullshit. It’s like the only time these guys get together. Besides, who continues to go to these weddings/bombings? I’d just send a card.