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Seven McDonald’s franchise locations in New York have settled with employees who sued the local establishments for wage theft. The seven locations will pay the employees nearly $500,000. This shouldn’t be confused with ongoing lawsuits recently filed against McDonald’s in seven states for wage theft.

I don’t think it would be a stretch to suggest that a large number of corporations, maybe even a majority, could be justifiably accused of wage theft.

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    There’s another suit going on in Upstate NY, against one of the regional convenience store chains, for something very similar. What’s “alleged” in the suit is exactly what every person I know who has ever worked there has told me about what it’s like to work there. They probably wonder why they have such a high turnover.

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    Boy did you sum things up with that cartoon. My wife had CNN on last night and it was just unbelievable how those talking heads can bloviate for hours and not say anything useful or informative.

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