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Chris Christie in His Own Words


You don’t have to listen to us or others who say that Chris Christie is not the moderate friend you think he is. You can take it from the man himself.

During an interview with David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Christie said the idea that he’s a moderate is a media myth.

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Brody kicked off the interview by asking Christie to describe his “strong conservative record” against the perception that he’s a moderate: “You just said right out there that the media loves to define us, conservatives, so tell me a little bit about – they’ve been trying to define you. Here you are with this strong conservative record, yet it’s the ‘moderate Chris Christie’ and all, what do you make of all of this?”

Christie said that “the media [is] continuing to try to put forward a myth” that he is a moderate, citing his anti-choice stance.

He’s right, you know? Christie is not a moderate and has never been a moderate. He’s absolutely right that the media painted him as a moderate when the truth was anything but. Even the Drudge Report has framed Christie as some kind of moderate Manchurian candidate as you can see above.

To be fair, even a glimpse or flash of moderation can appear to be a revelation in today’s political climate where the likes of Steve King and Louie Gohmert roam, but just because someone’s hair isn’t on fire doesn’t mean they’ve had a come-to-moderate-Jesus moment.

The conundrum for Christie and the GOP is that his supposed moderation is the only thing that makes him even remotely palatable to the national electorate. The same could be said for any other would-be candidate.

When the mask comes off no one will like what they see.

(h/t Virginia Attorney Steve Duckett)
  • Jado

    “When the mask comes off…”

    The mask has been off for years, and it makes no difference. Nothing he does is ever enough for him to be held accountable. He could eats live puppies on TV and the NJ media would still say he’s the best candidate. He’s John Gotti all over again – The Teflon Khan

  • muselet

    By the standards of the modern GOP, Chris Christie is a moderate. Given how far to the Right the Overton Window has been moved in recent decades, Chris Christie is a moderate. But no, he’s no moderate.

    If he drops the mask of moderation, the country as a whole won’t vote for him for president (which, deep down, is what he really thinks he should be). If he doesn’t drop the mask, the GOP base will have his guts for garters in the primaries.

    If it were anyone but Chris Christie, I might feel compelled to sympathize. Since it is Christie, I’ll just sit here and laugh quietly for a while.