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I laughed and laughed.


Artist – Joel Pett

The Daily Beast has a very bruising story on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Apparently while he was U.S. attorney he let a business owner trafficking in underage slave girls (14 years old) get away with a slap on the wrist and instead chose to go after a Democratic mayor for much lesser charges.

Furthermore, the trafficker in question wasn’t even forced to testify or dish additional information on the trafficking ring.

The U.S. Attorney’s office cut a deal with Medrano. She got a light sentence, and in return gave up information — some of which was about a local politician that Christie would use to burnish his image as an enemy of corruption. The upshot was that a human trafficker got off easy, in part, so that Christie could jail a small-town mayor. [...]

However, Medrano’s attorney, Gerald Shargel, told me that she “never testified about human smuggling” and court documents clearly state that “Luisa Medrano did not testify before the grand jury” regarding the human trafficking ring.

It isn’t clear how Medrano actually assisted Christie’s office while he was an attorney according to The Daily Beast, but it’s possible she dished information on the mayor for using their services. And that’s a heinous crime itself, but I don’t think the person operating the slave girl business (Medrano) should only get 6 months of house arrest and 3 years of probation while the mayor in question receives 3 years in jail.

As I’ve said before, Republicans are fortunate that this is coming out now rather than 2016.

  • trgahan

    What? Christie was earning his establishment Republican bones: Go easy on the independent business owner and hammer the political opponent.

    For the party interested solely on gaining and holding power for the benefit of a few billionaires this is what is required.

  • Ipecac

    Ho-ly crap.

    • IrishGrrrl

      LOL that was exactly my reaction too! Now if Christie has any substantial support among Americans of any stripe in 2016, I give up. Seriously, this asswipe literally let a child slaver practically walk for the sake of political gain! The only thing worse he could have done was to hire a child slave personally. He is an absolutely disgusting individual.