Dan Snyder’s Outreach Campaign Continues


When it comes to conservatives and outreach, you really can’t make this shit up as they say.

Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington D.C. professional football team, announced the creation of the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation earlier this week presumably on the advice of the crack team he hired to advise him — Frank Luntz, Ari Fleischer, and George “Macaca” Allen.

The fact that his outreach foundation has a racial slur in the title was ironic enough, but apparently the man he has hired to run the foundation is the head of an organization that was the target of a federal investigation for defective contracting.

The “defective contract” in question cost the Bureau of Indian Affairs almost $1 million.

Gary L. Edwards is the chief executive of the National Native American Law Enforcement Association, which won a contract in 2009 with the Bureau that called for recruiting Native Americans to work in law enforcement in Indian country.

The investigation, outlined in a 2012 inspector general’s report, found that of the 748 applications the organization supplied, none were usable. One applicant was 80 years old. Several were not U.S. citizens. Of the 514 applications reviewed by the inspector general’s office, only 22 were of Indian descent. The inspector general’s office advised that the contract be terminated immediately, and it was, but by that time the organization had been paid $967,100 of the $1 million contract.

I’m sure Gary Edwards is the perfect man for the role of looking like you’re doing something while actually doing nothing.

Dan Snyder and his team of slogan launderers are the real enemy here, but much of the Outrageosphere is currently focused on Stephen Colbert’s parody of Dan Snyder.

If you find yourself on the same side as Michelle Malkin, you may want to pause for a moment and give it another thought.

  • trgahan

    It’s the typical play of the crowd Snyder runs with….get called out for horrid behavior, do a “listening tour,” then after you have “listened” you implement a designed to fail non-solution.
    Then, when it fails, the rich white guy gets to say “I tried to help you people, but you all wasted my generosity!!” Major paid right wing media columnists and media pundits get to screech another “Poverty is the fault of poor (brown) people cultural, not our rigged, winner take all economy and government castration campaign! We need to cut more benefits so rich people, like Mr. Snyder, are not burdened so much!”

  • muselet

    Three hacks are advising Dan Snyder on his new foundation and he’s chosen a crook (okay, fine, an apparent crook) to run it.

    What could possibly go wrong?