NSA Quote Rand Paul Stupid Party Super Stupid

Forgive Rand Paul for He is an Imbecile

He knows not what he does.

Get it? The president should ask the Pope for forgiveness for the NSA because, clearly, history began in January of 2009. Literally no one else in the world spied or employed a national security apparatus before President Obama did. It’s not as if minimization was codified under this president and he certainly didn’t propose privatizing the collection of metadata this week.

Rand Paul will never be president.

A libertarian will never be president.

  • mnpollio

    I would like to believe you are correct and someone like Rand Paul would
    never be elected President, but please remember there was a time when
    it seemed inconceivable that a buffoon the likes of Ronald Reagan could
    have been elected president. I remember watching an episode of Laugh-In
    where they made a joke about a future President Ronald Reagan and the
    audience made of up of young, old and all those in between were rolling
    on the floor in hilarity…then looked what happened. Reagan got into
    office, planted the seeds of economic destruction that really took off
    under Bush II, and his sycophants have been rewriting history in his
    favor ever since.

  • alexjonesisanidiot

    Also, Rand Paul is not a Libertarian.

  • zirgar

    And Kentucky should ask forgiveness from the rest of the country for giving it this idiotic rat turd of a Senator.