Jon Stewart on the ‘Awesome, High-Velocity, Armor-Piercing Power of Love’

He’s on a roll and I can’t stop laughing.

Here’s Jon Stewart on CPAC, Paul Ryan’s paper bag lie, the “awesome, high-velocity, hollow-tipped, armor-piercing, stopping power of love,” and Vice City.

Did you really, Wayne LaPierre, lump haters in with murderers and rapists? I didn’t realize shooting up a shopping mall was on the same level as being an internet troll.

The only thing stopping a bad guy on Reddit from calling me a dick-munch is a good guy on Reddit calling me a dick-munch. Wait a second, someone get me a gun.

As Jesus once said, if you give a man a fish, don’t. Period. End of bible.

  • notoriousbob

    Great bit. Anything that contnues to chip away at Paul Ryan’s credibility is a good thing.