Obamacare is Working


The GOP will be fuming over this.

Obamacare enrollment has reached the projected 6 million signup figure.

With several days left to go before open enrollment ends on March 31, the administration has met its target. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that Obamacare enrollment would hit six million by the end of its enrollment period. Although the Obama administration initially projected a seven million enrollment figure, that number was revised down after technological issues plagued the insurance marketplaces’ websites this past fall.

After the month of March ends and the mid-April grace period passes, it’s possible enrollment could inch upward above 6 million and closer to the original projection.

  • GrafZeppelin127
  • muselet

    Every enrollment under seven million will be treated by the Rs as proof! that Obamacare is wildly unpopular among The Murcan People, reality be damned. I expect the screeching will be deafening on April first and will be even louder at the end of the grace period.


    • zirgar

      Led by Sean Hannity, who, with a straight face, will say something like, “The Obama administration is touting this six million figure as a resounding success. SIX million? I thought it was supposed to be SEVEN million. He’s off by one million people here. That one million difference is huge. Face it, Obama failed, and won’t admit it, blah, blah, blah…”

      • muselet

        Yup. He and Bill O’Reilly will be banging that little tin drum as loudly as they can.