Rand Paul Stupid Party


I’ll just leave this here.


When your “main man” for minority outreach is a guy who thinks the Civil Rights Act was an overreach by the federal government, you can’t lose.

To understand how someone could say that with a straight face, you have to understand that he acknowledges Paul’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act and his dealings with the Southern Avenger but then dismisses both as somehow irrelevant because Paul has offered rhetorical support for ending the war on drugs.

That plays well with libertarians and other assorted white guys, but everyone else knows Paul is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


  • mrbrink

    Libertarianism trying to explain the role of government always sounds like homeschool at recess after being kicked in the face by a mule with a broken rape whistle. Rand Paul supports rape whistles.

    Rand Paul abhors slavery and discrimination. These cancers of society must be eradicated– door to door, from the grassroots up– through good-faith-bipartisanship in ending the gridlock of the progressive power grab if we’re ever going to be united as a country.

    The future for jobs and growth is an educated workforce that knows its place in a debt-free society will always be free, and a right to work is a right that Rand Paul will fight for day and night. More liberty in your pockets is more liberty for prosperity and such.

    The drug war? Rand Paul abhors it. Let the people decide which drug cartels they will give their business and protection money to. The free market will bring balance to the drug war. But just to be sure, a 64,000 mile long wall on the border cutting off supply and driving up demand for Rand Paul’s crystal meth dealer will in no way interfere with the buyer/seller confidentiality clause that he heard about from a friend.

    But most of all, Rand Paul abhors big government intruding into the lives of the American people by telling small business owners who they can and cannot serve, or who they must hire, and who-what-wow wheelchair accessible building code standards? Rand Paul will end discrimination and inequality with more freedom, not less.

    Voting rights? Rand Paul believes that everyone has a right to vote, especially felons. Let these felons who’ve paid their debt to society back into the only voting booth in a town of thousands and go to the back of the line that winds around the block just like everyone else in November after passing through the several checkpoints and paying several fees and back taxes proving your existence is a valid one. Felons have grown on him, and he’s learned a lot from listening to their brave comeback stories.

    The integrity of the vote is something Rand Paul takes very seriously between the hours of 5 p.m. and 6:45 p.m.– at least four times a year. Let those felons vote, states’ rights! Bring a gun and stand your ground at the poll(s)!

  • muselet

    Give the Daily Caller’s headline writer a break. He might have meant “minority” to mean “funny-looking white guys with bad hair and odd given names,” in which case Rand Paul is ideal for the job.


  • Kitty Smith

    Good lord, I actually laughed at that.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Yeah, it’ll work. (HA!)