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Rand Paul is Running for President


Here’s the surest sign yet that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is both running for president and is a shameless weasel.

Paul is reportedly asking Kentucky lawmakers to file a bill clarifying a state law that prevents candidates from holding or running for two offices at the same time, allowing him to hedge his bet if he launches a 2016 bid.

“Yes, I am working on clarifying an ambiguous state law that Rand Paul believes is unconstitutional if it is interpreted to bar running for re-election to the Senate and for president at the same time,” state Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer (R) told The Washington Times on Monday.

Of course it’s unconstitutional. Rand Paul the libertarian is running for president, for pete’s sake. It may not have been seen as a matter of great importance or even unconstitutional last year or the year before, but today it is.

It’s his liberty(!) to hold or run for two offices at the same time.

Just remember that Rand is not all-in.

  • trgahan

    I’d love to watch Sen. Rand “Thanks Dad!” Paul, the poster
    boy for faux-libertarian dude-bros, have to go on the nation stage spew that BS
    “everyman for himself” boot-straps philosophy that he (and the majority of his
    fans) never had to do themselves.

    Of course, this move proves even he doesn’t think he’ll win,
    so running is probably just a fund raising stunt.

  • mrbrink

    With that kind of legal wrangling he’s a shoe-in to win both and hold them. It’ll be Mister Doctor Senator President Rand Paul: Lion tamer of minorities and majorities from here on out.

  • Pirate Wench

    I can’t wait to have Aqua Buddha as the VP or Sec. of State!

  • zirgar

    So begins the campaign of the great Dingus Con to unite the Bunghole hordes under his derpy banner.