Abortion War On Women

Sorry, Rape Insurance is Currently Unavailable

The infamous Rape Insurance law Michigan Republicans recently passed went into effect last week, but if you felt inclined to purchase a rider for coverage, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to.

Emily Crockett writing for Reality Check explains:

While the law allows insurance companies to offer abortion coverage as an optional rider, it turns out that no companies will offer those riders on the individual market.

Seven insurance companies will offer the riders through small- and large-group employer plans, so a woman could get abortion coverage if her employer, or that of a family member, happens to choose a plan that offers the riders. But employers must also inform all employees that they are offering such coverage, which could lead to awkwardly personal conversations about whether an employee wants to buy it. And for women whose employers don’t offer the coverage, or women buying insurance on the individual market, even that option isn’t available.

Republicans favor the idea of employers being able to rule over the coverage of birth control for employees. Do they also favor employers ruling over rape insurance?

Based on the consequences of this bill, it seems justifiable to say that they do.

It should be mentioned that this doesn’t only apply to women who become pregnant as a result of rape or incest; it applies to all abortion coverage with no exceptions.

Michigan Republicans have made it extremely difficult and in some cases virtually impossible for women in the state to obtain insurance that covers abortion. Anyone who buys insurance on the individual market will have no option.

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  • mrbrink

    I’m sure there will be some back alley abortion insurance coverage springing up along the Roe v. Wade Trail of Tears any day now. Then they’ll have to shut that whole thing down, too. For the safety of the child’s host, of course. Rape and incest needed more insurance claims adjusters involved. I’m surprised they don’t call it a jobs bill.

    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      Indeed, think of all the lawyers who will get new cases for such things as “Wrongful Death” lawsuits! Ah, can’t you just smell the freedom and opportunity?!