Stupid Party Super Stupid

Champions of Civil Rights, Except For Those People

Reince clearly forgot about his party’s nationwide assault on voting rights and reproductive healthcare and bodily autonomy for women.

And what about gay people? Is the GOP a champion of civil rights for gay people?

If “civil rights” only applies to straight white guys, I suppose they’ve got that on lock.

  • Badgerite

    Is he kidding. If Lincoln were around today they would be ‘tea partying’ him in a primary.
    The ‘hero’ of most of the GOP today is more likely to be Robert E. Lee than Lincoln.
    Or is he unaware of that?

    • Christopher Foxx

      If Reagan were around today they’d be “tea partying” him in a primary.

  • zirgar

    The GOP – the party of ancient Athens

  • mrbrink

    The Priebus translator says: 95% of African Americans who vote and caucus with Democrats are the true champions of Jim Crow and segregation, and just too dumb to understand that it was the GOP who paved the way for the first African American president and first family. The GOP freed you, ya bunch of ingrates! Outreach!

    • Lady Willpower


      • mrbrink

        You can’t fool the South!

  • Victor_the_Crab

    If Reince Preibus and the rest of his likeminded GOP turds were around during the 1860s, they would be the ones trying to make life miserable for Lincoln and many abolistionists and would insist that owning blacks as slaves is a good idea that needs to be upheld.

    Reince Preibus and the Repulican tea party truly believe we’re all stupid.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I suppose anyone can be a “champion of civil rights” as long as he gets to define what “civil rights” means.

  • muselet

    “Leading the fight for educational access” translates to “trying to destroy public education.”

    By Reince Priebus’s odd definition, the old segregation academies were bastions of civil rights.


    • captkurt

      Exactly. Leading the fight for educational access…. as long as that access can be purchased with a check to a private institution.

      It may have appeared on this site in previous comments, but is worth repeating: Remove all the vowels from Reince Priebus and you get – RNC PR BS. I can’t believe that’s a coincidence.

    • Ned F

      “Educational access” means access to public funds for private exploitation and profit,

  • fry1laurie

    That’s right, talk about the founding of the Republican Party, not its present. Make sure everyone thinks that current “Radical Republicans” are analogous with Reconstruction era “radicals” vis a vie civil rights. Most of us know better.

    • Christopher Foxx

      Look, Republicans, If you have to go back 110 years for your examples of a Republican Party that did good, there’s something seriously wrong with you now.