• Christopher Foxx

    Missouri Republicans are pushing a tax cut bill that would cut the state’s revenue by nearly 60 percent

    The group pointed to neighboring Kansas for evidence that the top-heavy tax cut Republicans want would do more harm than good. That state has gone through multiple rounds of regressive income tax cuts in recent years, leaving it unable to fund its schools at the levels required by its constitution. Poverty has increased in the state since the cuts took effect, and its economy is floundering rather than prospering.

    Previous research has shown that state tax cuts don’t accelerate economic growth.

    Yeah, but those are actual facts and demonstrated consequences. What have they got to do with anything?

    • D_C_Wilson

      Not being able to fund schools is a feature, not a bug in Teatardia. It just opens up the way for some “creative destruction” as the privatizers swoop in to fill the void.

      At a profit, of course. Prisons aren’t the cash cow ready for milking.