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Mike Huckabee Not Sure if the US is More Free Than North Korea

Mike Huckabee isn’t sure who enjoys more freedom today; North Korea or the United States.

“Freedom of speech in this country, that for which the men grabbed their muskets off the mantel, did never mean that we’re to have fewer voices, but more voices,” Huckabee said. “My gosh, I’m beginning to think that there’s more freedom in North Korea sometimes than there is in the United States,” he continued. “When I go to the airport, I have to get in the surrender position while people put hands all over me,” Huckabee lamented.

My gosh, look how free people in North Korea are:


Here’s some more freedom:


The above cartoons were drawn by Kim Kwang-il, a refugee from North Korea who spent six years in one of the nation’s gulags. He shared these drawings with the UN High Commission on Human Rights earlier this year.

I don’t like the TSA any more than the next person, but I don’t think a pat-down or taking your shoes off is in the same ballpark or even the same solar system as North Korea’s gulags and work camps.

The Bundy Ranch incident, in which a wingnut rancher is facing the consequences for failing to pay fees for over two decades, also isn’t comparable.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Dear Mike Huckabee: You’re an embarrassment and a disgrace to the country you allegedly love. Now let that sink into your doughy head for a bit.

  • muselet

    Mike Huckabee is running—however quietly at the moment—for president in 2016. If he were the jovial, bass-plucking reasonable conservative he pretends to be, I’d say he was merely pandering to the base.

    Since Huckabee is actually a genuine, to-the-bone, lunatic Righty, I figure he really believes what he said at the New Hampshire Freedom Summit.


    • Razor

      This quote is going to kill him in primary season though.

      • muselet

        I’m not sure about that. As long as he’s accusing the Muslim communist Kenyan usurper of destroying FREEDUMB! in Murca, Huckabee’s golden.

        However, this quote would certainly doom him in the general election.


        • Razor

          I feel like with how ruthless primaries get, a fellow Republican would hang him with it.

  • captkurt

    Remember back in the old days, when Conservatives used to love to go on about how terrible life was in places like Cuba, the former Soviet Union, Venezuela, North Korea, etc.? Remember the Axis of Evil? All it took to change their tune was a fraudulent election that put a Commie-Liberal-Socialist-Fascist-Muslim tyrant into the presidency of the USA. I guess it gives me a little comfort, though no hope, in knowing that their hypocrisy has no bounds.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Yes, but teh gays can’t get married in North Korea, so Freedumb!

  • RenoRick

    Cliven Bundy is what’s called a welfare rancher! Love seeing all these assholes coming to defend a “welfare queen” like him. Let everyone else pay the grazing fees, and his cows eat for free! Talk about an advantage! BTW, if the Feds gave back all the public land to the State of Nevada, we’d go broke in about 10 minutes. These assholes don’t realize NV doesn’t have the resources to manage all the land here. I live in NV and this guy was written up in the local alt newspaper back when I was a Sophomore in HS, and I’m 37 now. This guy should be selling shoes like another well known Bundy…

  • Norbrook

    Dear Mike Huckabee: Here’s some clues for you. You haven’t been locked up for the rest of your life for preaching your religion. You haven’t been taken out and shot for criticizing the leader of your country. Your family hasn’t been imprisoned or shot for your criticizing the leader of your country, come to think of it. Those are all things that happen routinely in North Korea, so any attempt to make the comparison to this country is particularly asinine. Not that you haven’t been quite often, but you might notice that you’re still walking around.

    • captkurt

      One thing preventing the realization that one is still walking around would be having one’s head buried deeply up their rear end.