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Mike Lee Fears Cable Merger For Dubious Reasons

Picard and Riker Facepalm

Typically I wouldn’t advocate looking a gift horse in the mouth, but this is laughable.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) is concerned about the possible merger of Time Warner Cable and Comcast just as many people are, but his concerns probably aren’t the same as yours.

“I’ve heard some concerns expressed that the emerging Comcast, the post-merger Comcast, might have the incentive or even the predilection but certainly an enhanced capacity, due to its larger size, to discriminate against certain types of content, including political content,” he said at a hearing with Comcast and Time Warner Cable executives on Tuesday. [...]

His concern follows speculation from some right-leaning media outlets that the merger of the top two cable companies could be a “Democratic marriage.”

Mike Lee isn’t concerned about competition, innovation, or creating a monopoly; he’s concerned that they will refuse to carry Fox News because Comcast owns NBC.

As much as that would delight me, I’d say his concerns and the concerns of his colleagues are unfounded. Furthermore, if it were News Corp. we were discussing, I doubt he would have the same concerns.

While I personally oppose the merger, I’d call this a conspiracy theory. But on the other hand, if the irrationality of Republicans means the merger doesn’t get approved, who am I to argue?

There is a such thing as a useful idiot.

  • swift_4

    That’s brilliant. We just need to start celebrating the liberal media getting stronger, and the deal is dead. And if it dies, we should say, “at least we still have two juggernauts. As long as they don’t get broken up, the liberal media can’t be defeated.”

  • mrbrink

    Of course his concerns sound like an opportunity here to maybe build a consensus, but just like Rand Paul’s concerns for drones and Paul Ryan’s concerns for numbers, when they jog left it’s always into a rubber wall where they bounce off the stupid shit they say a couple times while everyone oohs and ahhs at their human-like ability to show concern for what appears to be common cause, which isn’t all that complicated to figure out and solve if idiots like Mike Lee ever shaved his pretty pink face so close he bleeds to death.

  • muselet

    Mike Lee, a proud member of the party that proclaims The Free Market must operate unfettered, wants to restrict The Free Market because he’s afraid his party’s ideology won’t be represented satisfactorily in The Free Market.


    (Good lord, Ashby, are you trying to make me give myself a concussion?)


    • j hentai

      well at least you can get it treated under obamacare (says a nonamerican obamabot),

  • zirgar

    Hey, right-wingers, why not give reality a try? Just learn to let go and live and see things as they really are. It’s more incredible and awesome than your fevered imaginations and deluded paranoiac fantasies could ever hope to be! All that insanity has to be exhausting, so give your mind a rest and just relax, the world will be all the better for it. And thankful.