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No Science Allowed

This shouldn’t be funny but I can’t stop laughing.

Michael Moyer, an editor with Scientific American magazine, appeared on Fox & Friends this morning and he was specifically told he was not allowed to mention climate change while discussing the future.

Flight 370 is sitting on a military base somewhere? I think we have a conspiracy theory on our hands.

No word on whether or not Brian Kilmeade really does eat paint chips before the show.

  • TeeVee

    O. M. G. …. it really is an insane asylum there

  • bleedingheartliberal6

    Robert Reich told a funny story about how they had him on with a Right winger – and he and the Right winger AGREED on something – which Reich thought was a good thing. But, they told him during the commercial breaks that he had to get angrier – because the public wanted to see a gladiator match or they would turn the channel. Some “News”.

  • Username1016

    So what did Moyer wind up talking about?

    • Christopher Foxx

      Hopefully climate change.

      I like to hope that, once he was on air and asked “So what to you see as future trends?” that he’d reply “Well, despite you telling me you didn’t want me to talk about it, the fact remains that climate change is #1.”

  • gocart mozart

    “Flight 370 is sitting on a military base somewhere?”
    You heard of Agenda 21, well that’s Agenda 22! Coming next, “Sterling was framed by the New Black Panthers!”

  • D_C_Wilson

    To fair, Moyer should have known better than to expect to be able to talk about science with Kilmeade and Doocey.

  • morningsky

    The plane is in Benghazi don’t you know that?

  • trgahan

    The best (or horridly depressing) part ISN’T so much that there is an idea out there that the plane is at a military base…but that a makeup girl “corrected” the editor of Scientific America, who suggested it is at the bottom of the ocean, that it WAS at a military base (too bad we don’t get an explanation as to why, probably “Benghazi!” er something).

    I am sure if the President was the right color and political party…the plane would be at the bottom of the ocean.

    • gocart mozart

      “Bottom of the ocean” is just a theory. We should teach the controversy.