Mail Bag The Daily Banter

The Daily Banter Mail Bag! The Supreme Court’s Campaign Finance Decision, the Gun Control Debate and the Inevitable #CancelBanter Hashtag.

This week’s questions. Answers here.

1. This is probably a rhetorical question but do you think anything can be done at this point about billionaires and wealthy interests buying elections? The Supreme Court just seems to keep piling up decisions that ensure American politics are just another commodity. I’m not sure there’s any hope for us now.
– Steve

2. How do you write about shootings like the one at Fort Hood? When it’s happened so often, how do you find a new way to approach it and to voice the anger you might feel about it?
– Talia

3. This is just to let you know that I’m starting the hashtag #CancelBanter. I figure your site should be gone by next Tuesday.
– Puey Sark

  • Mike Lumisch

    About this “hashtag activism” business..

    I was just on another site, avoiding this tiresome git who was lecturing me and my korean wife about how we need to check our white privilege and get on board with the shaming of Stephen Colbert. Now I have been around the block a few times, and I have some idea of how things work, and the last thing I need is to have some ignorant enthusiast trying to bully me into bowing down to some half baked ideas on subjects that he doesn’t begin to understand.

    What I learned from him instead is that “hashtag activism” is one of the dumber ideas in the parade of dumb ideas horked up by children who are beginning to feel all growed up. It’s not quite Mao and the Red Brigades in the Cultural Revolution, but the enthusiastic bullying and the utter lack of subtlety and reflection give it a family resemblance.

    The bottom line is, if your ideas are good then force is unnecessary and you can succeed with reason and persuasion alone.