What Could Go Wrong?

The Tennessee Senate has decided that gun safety training is just a nuisance and a distraction from Benghazi exercising your god-given Second Amendment rights.

The Tennessee Senate voted by a wide margin on Tuesday to permit any gun owner to openly carry a firearm, provided that they are not legally barred from owning a gun. One consequence of this bill, should it become law, is that it would eliminate the requirement that gun owners complete a training course on firearm safety before they are allowed to wander the streets of Tennessee while armed.

Plenty of accidents happen even after gun owners undergo training.

If no one is required to go through training, the number of accidental deaths will undoubtedly surge.

And who is going to pay for these accidents? Tennessee is an anti-Obamacare state.


(ht Karin Riley Porter)
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  • zirgar

    Gee, I hope Tennessee is one of the states that expanded Medicaid and set up those health insurance exchanges; it’s going to need all of it now. I swear, this country just keeps getting dumber and dumber.