LGBT Open Thread

Brain Damage


Artist – Pat Bagley

In other news, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) warns us that Democrats are trying to repeal the First Amendment. Who told him?

Meanwhile, World Net Daily is offering up tips on our to “gay-proof” your children. The logic is flawless.

Republicans, both in the mainstream and on the fringe, have crowed about homosexuality every single day for the past week. I assume it’s related to same-sex marriage bans being struck down.

Have a good, long weekend. I’ll be back on Tuesday.

  • Badgerite

    Tom Udall’s proposed Amendment would not repeal the First Amendment. It would invalidate the Supreme Court decision equating spending money on political campaigns as the same as protected political speech. The country is overwhelming against the Citizens United interpretation of the First Amendment. And it is important enough to propose an Amendment to set the SCOTUS straight on this particular issue. It does not propose to curtail speech. It proposes to reinstate the standards previously accepted by the Court in Buckley vs Valeo that said that campaign contributions could be regulated and restricted by Congress. That is a whole different thing than what Cruz is saying. Not surprisingly.

  • Tony Lavely

    Have a nice holiday w/e, Ash.

  • eljefejeff

    I continue to wonder why they keep insisting homosexuality is a choice. That must mean gays have the option to choose to be heterosexual, which can only mean that these republicans know this from experience, because they also “chose” heterosexuality. All I know is I didn’t choose it, I never had to consider it. But apparently conservatives do.

  • Nefercat

    “Republicans, both in the mainstream and on the fringe, have crowed about homosexuality every single day for the past week.”
    Perhaps if they thought about and indulged in some straight sex with their spouses, they would be less pissy about teh gheyz and their awesome non-stop sex lives.

    Which they have clearly spent a lot of time thinking about, reading about, dwelling on, obsessing over, pondering, researching, and daydreaming about.

    I wonder why that is?

    • JMAshby

      The GOP spends more time on gay sex than actual gay people do.