Benghazi Gun Fetishists Open Thread



Artist – Nick Anderson

Mother Jones has an incredibly disturbing story about the treatment of women who support gun control by pro-gun lunatics who also happen to be raging, misogynistic assholes. And if you’ve been paying attention, you’d know that’s not a coincidence.

The story details women who have been spit on, received death threats, received rape threats, and had men show up at their homes and point guns at them.

The most disturbing part may be the “mad minute.”

In March, a group of them held a “mad minute” at a firing range, pulverizing a female mannequin with a hail of bullets. They positioned the figure with her hands raised in surrender, naked from the waist up. Afterward, they posed with the bullet-riddled mannequin, her arms blown off and her pants down at her ankles. “Mad minute” is a military expression referring to a burst of rapid fire, and Open Carry Texas members have often referred to Moms Demand Action as “mad moms.”

If shooting a mannequin that resembles a women with her pants pulled down to her ankles helps you get off, I sincerely hope every manner of government agency, your neighbors, and the local authorities are watching you like a hawk.

  • trgahan

    Actions of the Open Carry group are typical of those with enough self awareness to understand that:

    A) their “for the public” argument supporting their case for an open, unregulated gun market is doesn’t win supporters and the vast majority of American rejected it 20+ years ago;

    B) the American public does NOT support the real reason for their fanatical need for an open, unregulated gun market with no legal consequence for their carefully defined group of certain people using their guns on certain other people.

  • captkurt

    I think I’m going to be sick. These Open Carry assholes piss me off beyond belief, but then I remember that’s just what they want to do. I will continue to hope that someday there will be enough outraged reasonable people to drown out their voices, and push them out to the nether margins of our society, where they belong.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I’d just like to thank the Republican Party and the “conservative” media for normalizing this shit.

  • muselet

    Lt. Col. Robert Bateman has a well-informed take on the MJ story.