Empty Handed


According to a report released by Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, every single interview conducted by Chairman Darrell Issa concerning the fake IRS scandal failed to yield the results he was looking for.

Though Issa has refused to release the entire transcripts — as he pledged to do in June 2013 — the report contains the public portions of all 39 interviews interviewed by the Republican majority. The report notes that those interviewed include “employees from the Cincinnati and Washington D.C. offices at every level—from Screening Agents to the former IRS Commissioner to the Chief of Staff to the Treasury Secretary,” and “Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and individuals with no political affiliation.”

Each of the witnesses was asked whether they had any knowledge of White House involvement or political motivation. None reported any.

How do we know the non-public portions of those interviews don’t contain incriminating information?

Because if they did, it would have been released by now. Furthermore, if the private portions of those interviews contained damning info, Issa wouldn’t have had to leak partial transcripts to the media to make it appear as if he found something.

Darrell Issa is a con artist. He’s conning his Republican colleagues just as much as he is the White House and the American people.

No one will admit it but I suspect the real reason Issa won’t be granted an exemption to stay on as the oversight chairman beyond the normal term limit is because he has accomplished jack shit. Boehner wouldn’t be pushed into forming the Select Solyndra IRS Committee to Investigate the Benghazi ACORN Birth Certificate if Issa had found what they’re looking for.

What they’re looking for is an impeachment and they aren’t going to get one.

  • lynnnoe

    I’m pretty sure the title is misspelled – surely it’s supposed to be “Empty Headed”

  • mrbrink

    My guess is that he’s still assembling the letters he cut out to complete his ransom note.

    Just wait until he ties it all in to the cover of Sgt. Peppers. It’s all there.

  • muselet

    What they’re looking for is an impeachment and they aren’t going to get one.

    Oh, they’ll get one, they just won’t find grounds for one. If the Rs take the Senate, they’ll even get a conviction.

    There will be an almighty food fight among the House Rs over the articles of impeachment, which may ultimately be the only thing that derails the crazy train.

    David Weigel explains the, for want of a better word, reasoning.


    • mdblanche

      A correction: it takes a two thirds vote to get a conviction so it will never happen.

      Honestly I’m surprised the House Rs have resisted the impeachment temptation at all.

      • muselet

        I realized that after I posted, but I figure there would be a bunch of red-state Ds who would get bullied into voting to convict. Maybe there wouldn’t be a conviction, but it would be closer than it should be.

        John Boehner, say what you will about him, has so far been pretty effective at keeping the Clown Caucus from doing anything too dumb (also, Eric Cantor is, if only just barely, bright enough to realize impeachment would be a staggeringly stupid thing for the Rs to do). After the midterms—depending how many frothing TPers get elected—he may get his orange arse thrown out of the Speakership, in which case we get to see who’ll play Dan Burton this time around.