Not Crazy Enough


Why did Charleston Republicans censure South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham? Was he caught wearing diapers with a hooker?

No, of course not. Republicans don’t censure for that anyway. Lindsey Graham was censured for not being crazy enough.

The censure document against Graham included more than two dozen points, such as Graham supporting President Barack Obama’s nominees for the Supreme Court and also working with Democrats, according to the Post and Courier of Charleston, South Carolina.

The vote to censure Graham was 39-32. It was conducted by secret ballot.

Graham is charged with committing the most unholy of sins; working with Democrats for a very brief moment before going back to bleating about Benghazi.

  • mrbrink

    A secret ballot, but under the glow of burning cross it’s all pretty transparent.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Lindsey Graham is enough of a despicable piece of shit that he belongs with those Charleston Republicans that censured him.