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We’ve already discussed how House Republicans want to insert waivers for healthy school lunch standards into the upcoming agricultural appropriations bill, but apparently that’s not even close to being the most egregious change.

House Republicans also want to alter a program that provides food to low-income students during the summer when school is not in session to exclude urban children.

And in a surprising twist, the bill language specifies that only rural areas are to benefit in the future from funding requested by the administration this year to continue a modest summer demonstration program to help children from low-income households — both urban and rural — during those months when school meals are not available.

Since 2010, the program has operated from an initial appropriation of $85 million, and the goal has been to test alternative approaches to distribute aid when schools are not in session. The White House asked for an additional $30 million to continue the effort, but the House bill provides $27 million for what’s described as an entirely new pilot program focused on rural areas only.

The program is intended to provide assistance to all children, but House Republicans are looking to exclude urban children.

Politico describes this as a “surprising twist,” but it’s actually not surprising at all if you’ve paid any attention to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan.

As Paul Ryan would undoubtedly say, how can inner city children learn the value of work if we feed them during the summer? Let Charles Murray tell you all about it.

Paul Ryan, Janna Ryan

  • mrbrink

    These fucking imbeciles would debate the value of a potato for months on end and It’s literally reflected in their Oliver Twist agri-budget. Picking winners and making more “losers” to blame– the small government conservative way!

    And fuck you, Politico! In a surprising twist, the Republican bill offsets the generous funding for the repeal of food and child labor laws to reinvest in giant meat grinders big enough to meet the market’s increased demand for child-inspected child meat!

  • Richard_thunderbay

    I’ll bet this diabolical plan results in an increase in campaign donations from their base. Screw minorities? Fuck yeah!

  • Brutlyhonest

    You guys just don’t understand: Rural, white people getting gubmint assistance earned theirs. If the lazy, brown non-rural people would vote for republicans, they would earn theirs, too.

  • muselet

    House Rs must chortle evilly and twirl their mustaches every time they get behind closed doors.


  • TimJ

    This is truly a wtf moment.

  • hanadora444

    Simple. “Urban” children = minorities. “Rural” children = better chance of being white.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Also, “Rural” = more likely to be represented by a republican in the House. The GOP is all for handouts so long as only they benefit from it.