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Rand Paul: Phony


Last Friday Rand Paul told the New York Times that he thought voter ID laws were “offensive,” but by Monday a spokesman for Rand said he doesn’t actually oppose voter ID laws.

Rand now tells Sean Hannity that there’s “nothing wrong” with voter ID laws.

“There’s nothing wrong with it … I don’t really object to having some rules with how we vote,” Paul said on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s radio show. [...]

Paul told Hannity that he thought the reaction to his New York Times interview was “overblown.” The country’s drug policies have a restrictive effect on the minority vote, he said, while the GOP’s voter ID efforts may not.

Rand Paul is a fake, a phony, and a fraud.

The truth is voter ID laws and drug policies have an effect on minority voting rights, however Rand Paul has clearly demonstrated that he isn’t prepared to actually do anything about it.

Rand wants to have it both ways. He wants it to appear as though his libertarian principles enable him to aide minorities in ways that both Republicans and Democrats cannot but he also doesn’t want to offend the lunatic base of the Republican party. He needs them to win. And he plans to accomplish this by waving a shiny object like the War on Drugs while doing nothing substantive to end it or to rectify other areas of concern.

Rand Paul’s rhetoric, voting record, and social record are wildly inconsistent. If he was the least bit concerned about the plight of minorities, he wouldn’t have questioned the legitimacy of the Civil Rights Act or hired the Southern Avenger.

(ht Shawn Sukumar)
  • mrbrink

    Exactly! The headlines have been very favorable to Rand Paul lately. Headlines reading, in one form or another, “Rand Paul blasts party over voter suppression…”

    The shit coming out of his ears is always a giveaway.

    Voter ID is cool, but Rand Paul thinks we should stop alienating minorities.

    It’s the best of both worlds. Say something that means nothing and the media will cut you some nice headlines.

    • Draxiar

      And yet Ralph Nader is promoting that liberals and progressives should cast our ticket with him. Consider the source and the subject says I!

      • Scopedog

        I’ll be as polite as possible….but Nader can go fuck himself. With a McCulloch chainsaw.

        He wants us to cast our lots with a man who believes that the 1964 Civil Rights Act is a bad thing…and who also has views that were better suited for the 19th or 18th century.

        He’s lost it, Nader has. The 2000 Election imbroglio was a clear indication that something was extremely wrong, but here he is again spouting more BS.

        Sadly, the truth is that there are people who will listen and believe him.

  • tomshefchik

    Every Re-pig-lickin’ politician I can think of is a fake, a phony, and a fraud. Rand doesn’t want to be T-partied, so he’s willing to sell his soul. For the good of the nation, of course.

  • WiscoJoe

    Senator Paul’s political philosophy is always going to run into problems unless he can move beyond his atavistic version of anti-government extreme states’ rights. Basically Paul is left arguing variations of:

    The federal ‘War on Drugs’ is awful and oppressive to minorities, but state governments should have the legal right to give life sentences to minor drug offenders with no interference from the federal government because of liberty and stuff. Also, the federal government shouldn’t have the power to use drones, but the federal government should also not have the power to regulate the use of drones by states or private security firms to hunt down and kill people that rob liquor stores.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Randy has been walking back statements since 2010 when he first said he would have voted against the Civil Rights Act and then later claimed he supported it. He’s been both for and agains the use of drones on US soil. Name an issue, and Randy has made a statement on both sides of it. He’s a worse flipflopper than Romney, but the “librul media” seems to give him a pass all the time.

  • trgahan

    I’m still out on whether Paul is outright fraud (ie. knowingly conning his constituents, frothy conservatives, and faux-libertarians) for personal gain or simply just doesn’t give a crap because he basically inherited (at least as close as one can in our system) his current senate seat in a safe state and won’t see a serious challenge for a generation.

    Either way, like his dad, he is immune from actually having to, you know, legislate or be held accountable for his legislative record. So as long as there are safe public and media places where he can keep up the faux-libertarian façade while being a mainstream conservative evangelical Republican like his dad did, he will keep pretending.

    • D_C_Wilson

      I think it’s much simpler than that. He’s just an idiot.