Open Thread Rand Paul



Artist – Joel Pett

Who is more embarrassing, Ted Cruz or Rand Paul? I can’t decide. On one hand, Ted Cruz is a blubbering fraud and on the other hand Rand Paul is a blubbering fraud.

Won’t the 2016 primary season be grand?

  • Bubble Genius

    I’ve been having the same dilemma about Cruz and Paul, I need an asshole to replace our Michele Bachmann soap since she’s stepping down. I’ve gone with Cruz because he’s extra douchey.

    • JMAshby

      He’s a fake Texan just like Bush was. Ivy league northerners playing cowboy.

      Ted Cruz, who refused to study with those outcasts from “lesser” ivy league schools while he was at Harvard, is now Mister Tea Party.


  • Churchlady320

    Well, they were both anointed as ‘God’s chosen’ by Ted’s excessively weird papa together on the same day, so it stands to reason you’re correct that they’re both identical blubbering frauds.

  • Nefercat

    Their views and policies may have been (were) in many cases dreadful, but at least old time GOPers like Goldwater, Dole, Ford, etc. weren’t blabbering, gibbering, caterwauling lunatics.

    For God sakes, they at least could manage dignified behavior more often than not. I have no trouble at all picturing pie fights and towel-snapping at the upcoming primary debates starring the current band of GOP feces flingers.

    • j hentai

      but because “both sides do it” cruz, gohmert, paul, (insert loonie of your choice) have equal time to any democrat who says anything! BENGHAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!