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AFA: Sharia Law Would Be Better Than This America

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer and his callers are so fed up with all of this pornography business that they’re ready to embrace sharia law.

After one of his callers told Fischer that sharia law is “probably preferable to what we have right now” in America because we allow pornography and abortion, Fischer agreed that sharia law does have that going for it.

Fischer replied that Muslims “rightly accuse the United States of corrupting the morality of the entire world” because we allow the production and sale of pornography here.

“It’s just embarrassing, it’s humiliating that we have given them that” argument, Fischer declared. “When they go out and say the United States is the Great Satan because of all the pornography it produces, how do you argue against that because they are right. That is the work of Satan; we’re producing it, we’re distributing it all over around world, they have every right to complain about that”

We often joke that fundamentalist Christians spend their days clamoring for and implementing their own brand of sharia law when they’re not busy demanding that we pass laws to ban it, but they’ve apparently abandoned the pretense and are asking for it straight up.

Making it legal to stone women to death and commit honor killings is apparently a necessary evil if we’re going to take the fight to those contraception-using pornographers.

  • Churchlady320

    I have it on good authority from FBI among others that a huge amount of the world’s porn is from Russia and surrounding eastern European nations. So now what? Why aren’t the Taliban Al Q’aeda attacking those nations? Seems logic isn’t the name of the game here when the US Taliban weighs in.

  • muselet

    All of a sudden, I feel an irresistible urge to download porn …


  • Clancy

    Markos Moulitsas wasn’t far off the mark when he labeled these types the American Taliban. Unfortunately, he could probably re-publish his book with fresh updates every couple years and never run out of new material.

    Also, I’m pretty sure the U.S. was labeled the “Great Satan” for reasons other than our production of pornography.

  • trgahan

    “Making it legal to stone women to death and commit honor killings is apparently a necessary evil if we’re going to take the fight to those contraception-using pornographers.”

    The logic (I threw up a bit typing that) at play here is that fundamentalist Christian’s (much like their Taliban/Al Qaeda/etc counterparts) vision of a righteous society NEVER includes the potential for those stones to be used against them and/or that they personally would ever be allowed to be a victim of an honor killing.

    Like faux-libertarians never seeing themselves as possibly losing in their yearned
    for Randian paradise, the ACA crowd very much envisions a society where their tribe is above laws of the society they claim to want…following the law is THOSE people’s problem.

    AND much like the mounds of porn found at Al Qaeda (including Bin Laden’s residence)
    property, the biggest consumers of this “work of Satan” in the U.S. is the glowing red, righteous parts of our own nation. Hypocrisy defined.

  • Olivia

    I knew it was only a matter of time. At least they are recognizing that Sharia is what they really want and what they have always really wanted. Unfortunately the leaders of the American religious right have no morality. They only want others to live under Sharia while they continue the debauchery for themselves.

    • Churchlady320

      That is precisely the truth, thank you. Rules are for everyone else, not for the American Dominionists who perform all kinds of nasty without blinking an eye. As one of them said bluntly, “I’m born again. I can do anything I want.” Hmmm. Didn’t think it worked that way…