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Darrell Issa Believes Nefarious White House-IRS Cabal Has a Time Machine


House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa is certain that the White House and/or the senior brass of the IRS purposely or intentionally “lost” (and I put lost in scare quotes because that’s what they do) Lois Lerner’s emails. He’s certain enough to subpoena the White House to ask why they weren’t able to recover the “lost” emails.

The problem is this: as The Daily Beast points out, Lerner reported that her emails were missing two weeks before she even became aware that the Cincinnati field office had altered their criteria.

Lerner, who worked in the service’s Washington office, was first alerted that employees in the Cincinnati branch were using “inappropriate criteria” (key words like “tea party”) to process the applications of nonprofit groups on June 29, 2011.

Her computer crashed on June 13, 2011. It was the following day that she wrote to other IRS personnel to tell them: “My computer crashed yesterday.” This date was noted last week by Sander Levin, the ranking Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee.

Did 15th Doctor Obama use his time machine to crash Lois Lerner’s hard drive and make her emails disappear years before Darrell Issa would even take notice?

Don’t be under the mistaken impression that emails are only just-now missing because Darrell Issa is on the case. They’ve been missing for over three years.

At the time of their disappearance, Issa was still laser-focused on Fast and Furious.

How did that turn out?

  • Christopher Foxx

    Did 15th Doctor Obama use his time machine to crash Lois Lerner’s hard drive and make her emails disappear years before Darrell Issa would even take notice?

    Well, it’s already been established that Obama has a time machine. It’s the same one he used to go back and place those birth announcements over 50 years ago.

  • Ipecac

    Ugh. Jon Stewart completely bollixed this story up tonight on the Daily Show. He also seems somewhat uninformed. I hate that.

    • drspittle

      I quit watching him a long time ago for that very reason.

  • Ipecac

    As someone who hasn’t followed this particular bit of asinine nonsense from House Republicans, I was totally under the impression that the emails had recently disappeared. I’m pretty well informed, so you can bet this is having its intended effect on the idiots who think Issa doesn’t have his head up his ass.

  • missliberties

    The badgering and bullying of the witnesses by the House Republicans has been truly uncalled for, appalling and very McCarthyesque. It turns my stomach.

  • aynwrong

    At this point the “investigations” into the IRS’s supposed fascism just reminds me of the commercials that were used to advertise marathons for reruns of The Twilight Zone. The commercials would end with the narrator repeating:
    it continues and continues and continues and continues and continues and continues and…

  • burbank_burt

    While this certainly helps us all put things in context (OK, at least for the Ds, anyway).
    Does it trouble anyone else that those in government do not have data back-up systems for both networked and local computer systems? I mean just today I backed-up my laptop.

    • missliberties

      Do we know how old their computers are. Could be floppy discs, and sequestration squeezed their budget.

  • LTanya Spearman

    Darrell Issa & his hellions knew about Lerner drive crash. The IRS Commissioner Koskine’s opening statement, he exposes Issa & his committee for what they are. Koskinen said, the committee had been put on notice LAST FALL that some of Ms. Lerner’s emails had disappeared. “So it should be clear that no one has been keeping this information from the Congress,” said Koskinen..

    This was reported in the NYTs:

  • Kennet

    How much taxpayer money has Issa’s never-ending conflict of interest cost at this point? Surely that math can’t be too hard to add up.

  • muselet

    The fact that nobody saw a 1950s British police box in or near any IRS facility just proves how deep the conspiracy goes! Think about it, sheeple!

    Also, at this point the Obama Administration is just trolling Darrell Issa, and doing it very well indeed:

    Last week, the House Ways and Means Committee and its chairman, Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), demanded the IRS’s John Koskinen testify on the emails. The relevant people checked calendars and picked a date: the hearing would be the morning of Tuesday, June 24 (today).

    Issa, seeing the opportunity for a tantrum, literally 10 minutes later, announced he would hold a hearing with Koskinen about the emails on the evening of Monday, June 23. Why? Because Issa wanted to be first. It just made him feel better.

    But Koskinen rechecked his schedule and told Ways and Means he had an opening on Friday, June 20, so they held the hearing then – leaving poor Issa to hold a redundant, evening hearing, asking the same questions of the same official about the same story, three days later.


    • notoriousbob

      This would explain why Issa and his committee were so shitty to Mr. Koskinen at their hearing today. Cummings had to apologize to the poor guy for them being such A-holes to him. (Sorry no link, I read the article on TPM from my Twitter earlier).

      • missliberties

        You can rewatch on CSpan. You can see how experts badger a witness. I think Koskinen testified two days in a row. The first day he was impeccable. The second day he looked tired, and more suseptible to the badgering.

        Seriously the accusaions against this witness are out of bounds.

      • muselet