Fox & Friends Hosts Are Ghouls

Here’s Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade saying that Bowe Bergdahl’s father ‘looks like the Taliban’ because he grew a beard.

At 2:24

KILMEADE: “He says he was growing his beard because his son was in captivity. Well, your son’s out now. So if you really don’t no longer want to look like a member of the Taliban, you don’t have to look like a member of the Taliban. Are you out of razors?”

And not to let it go without mentioning; Kilmeade also implied that advocating for the closure of the prison at Guantanamo Bay is anti-American just before going on his short ‘you look like the Taliban’ rant. If that’s the case, there’s a lot of anti-American people out there including myself.

Meanwhile, Media Matters hilariously reminds us of Fox’s extensive experience with long beards.

Bob Bergdahl’s political views are even less relevant than his son’s views in regards to his rescue from enemy captivity.

Update… O’Reilly also thinks the father “looks like a Muslim.

“But it is Robert Bergdahl, the father, who is also engendering some controversy. He has learned to speak Pashto, the language of the Taliban, and looks like a Muslim,” O’Reilly said on his show. “He is also somewhat sympathetic to Islam, actually thanking Allah right in front of the president.”

So, if you’re a Muslim you are unworthy of rescue?

  • Brutlyhonest

    Funny, I thought the beard made him look like one of those midwest gubmint haters. Or a hasidic jew. Or a fundamentalist christian (amish and whatever the hell that other one is).

    • bbiemeret

      Mennonite, I believe.

      • Brutlyhonest

        You are correct. Thanks.

  • Churchlady320

    When I first saw Mr. Bergdahl’s photo I thought it was Duck Dynasty so…

  • Treading_Water

    Man, this makes it much easier to figure out who to hate. I mean, it’s easy to recognize brown guys and darker brown guys, but I couldn’t figure out the ones with a winter tan or just pale skin. Now I know, hate the beards.

  • Mustang Bobby

    Save this for the War on Christmas… Santa looks like a member of the Taliban, too.

  • ChrisAndersen

    And let’s not forget that famous Talibani named Jesus.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    And you look like a giant assface, Kilmeade. Go fuck yourself.

  • muselet

    Yes, Brian Kilmeade, the microsecond Bowe Bergdahl was released from the Taliban, Robert Bergdahl’s first act should have been to shave. Who’s next on your hit list? People who still have magnetic yellow ribbon signs on their cars even though their family members are no longer deployed overseas?

    Not enough thrills to be had from kicking puppies, you sicko?

    As for Bill O’Reilly, why does he still have a TV show?


  • hanadora444

    So does that Duck Dynasty person also look Taliban?

    • Churchlady320

      My precise thought.