We already knew that Nevada rancher and notorious racist Cliven Bundy owes the federal government over $1 million in grazing fees, but we what didn’t know is he owes more money than all other ranchers combined.

Of the roughly 16,000 ranchers who graze cattle on BLM lands, 458 have late grazing bills totaling $237,000, according to agency data.

Compare that to the more than $1 million Bundy owes Uncle Sam for refusing to pay grazing fees on his Bunkerville, Nev., allotment beginning in 1993 and for trespassing fees he has been accruing since 1998.

Less than 1 percent of 16,000 ranchers have bills that are more than two months past due, which includes Cliven Bundy and 159 others.

Cliven Bundy’s bills are over 20 years past due and he owes more money than 458 other ranchers combined.

Trivia: Did you know that even if you were on welfare for 20 years straight (which isn’t actually possible) it wouldn’t even come close to $1 million?

If you were on welfare, unemployment, and food stamps for 20 years straight (also not possible) it still wouldn’t reach $1 million.

(h/t TPM)

  • trgahan

    FYI, Bundy’s claim to Federally owned, maintained, and operated “family land” would be currently taxed by Clark County, Nevada (Bundy has said he ONLY recognizes state authority) at $3 per acre.

    So instead of refusing to pay $1.35 per head and/or per heifer/calf pair to graze public lands (which also absolves Bundy from maintenance costs to keep that land grazable) per Mr. Bundy’s own assertions of government authority, he currently owns the state of Nevada back property taxes on 145,604 acres of land over 20 year period at a total of approximately $8,736,240 plus compounded interest and penalties….

    • RenoRick

      Plus he’s a shitty rancher. One of the reasons that he is in this predicament is he overgrazed the land, which in turn brought down the Desert Tortoise decision. He can’t manage his “own land.”The man truly is a “taker” and thinks only of himself. I had to un-friend a bunch of fools on Facebook that stuck with this moocher. This started back in 1994 and I do not see it ending anytime soon…BTW his parents paid the grazing fees before he took over the ranch.

  • RenoRick

    I read this quote on the Facebooks today, saw the cartoon on this post and had to share:

    “Now, I don’t care to discuss the alleged complaints American Indians have against this country. I believe, with good reason, the most unsympathetic Hollywood portrayal of Indians and what they did to the white man. They had no right to a country merely because they were born here and then acted like savages. The white man did not conquer this country. And you’re a racist if you object, because it means you believe that certain men are entitled to something because of their race. You believe that if someone is born in a magnificent country and doesn’t know what to do with it, he still has a property right to it. He does not. Since the Indians did not have the concept of property or property rights–they didn’t have a settled society, they had predominantly nomadic tribal “cultures”–they didn’t have rights to the land, and there was no reason for anyone to grant them rights that they had not conceived of and were not using. It’s wrong to attack a country that respects (or even tries to respect) individual rights. If you do, you’re an aggressor and are morally wrong. But if a “country” does not protect rights–if a group of tribesmen are the slaves of their tribal chief–why should you respect the “rights” that they don’t have or respect? The same is true for a dictatorship. The citizens in it have individual rights, but the country has no rights and so anyone has the right to invade it, because rights are not recognized in that country; and no individual or country can have its cake and eat it too–that is, you can’t claim one should respect the “rights” of Indians, when they had no concept of rights and no respect for rights. But let’s suppose they were all beautifully innocent savages–which they certainly were not. What were they fighting for, in opposing the white man on this continent? For their wish to continue a primitive existnece; for their “right” to keep part of the earth untouched–to keep everybody out so they could live like animals or cavemen. Any European who brought with him an element of civilization had the right to take over this continent, and it’s great that some of them did. The racist Indians today–those who condemn America–do not respect individual rights.” Ayn Rand

    • Nefercat

      This is like a black hole of stupidity. Every single word. In so many ways. On so many levels. What, pray tell, are the comments like? No, never mind.

      It makes me want to just stick a straw in a 5 liter box of wine and skip the glass (so much easier than running around screaming pulling my hair out).

      • Dalai_Rasta

        It’s the moral universe of someone for whom other people don’t really exist. It never occurs to Rand that the settlers’ own conception of natural rights makes what they did immoral, irrespective of the views of the natives (she’s wrong about that, too).

      • muselet

        Vodka’s a more efficient anesthetic than wine.


    • muselet

      Someone actually quoted that spew? Approvingly? Cripes.

      (I know, I know, welcome to the internet.)


      • Churchlady320

        Your naivete is remarkably endearing. Nice to know of someone who finds her screed startling!

        • muselet

          Not that it makes me sound any less naive, but it wasn’t Ayn Rand’s gabble that surprised me—nothing, no matter how horrid, coming from her surprises me—but the fact that someone thought her … well, I suppose for want of a better, non-obscene word I’ll have to say thoughts … were worth sharing with the world.

          Most people, most racists, know they have to hide it better than that. I find it astonishing that the person who quoted Rand didn’t bother, and yes, I know I still sound like I just fell off a turnip truck.


    • Draxiar

      Holy fucking shit. I’ve never read Ayn Rand but I know (and you do to) of a few politicians that worship that dead bat. After reading this it makes me even more nervous with them in office and making policy. Man her philosophy was fucked up.

    • RenoRick

      I seriously had to read it like 3 times to really believe someone could say that. I’ve never read her books and have absolutely no desire to after reading this. She truly was a terrible person.

    • Churchlady320

      She was an amazing piece of work, was Ayn. Wow.

  • Christopher Foxx

    Cliven Bundy’s bills are over 20 years past due

    I still cannot grasp how that is possible.

  • Churchlady320

    Despite the obvious land theft from First Nations’ people if the Bundy family had been there, it is my understanding that they bought their ranch land in the 1930s AFTER BLM was present with what he uses for free already federal in nature. Even if BLM had acquired it from the Bundys, the family would have been paid (Mr. Bundy, see the 5th Amendment to the Constitution for crying out loud.) Any way you slice this, Bundy is a liar or a thief.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Can he not be both?

      • Bob Rutledge

        Quite obviously, he can.

        • Nefercat

          And is.

      • Churchlady320

        Sorry, of course he can.