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John Oliver on the Washington Redskins

Here’s John Oliver on the Washington football team and “Chief Runs Without Moral Compass” Dan Snyder.

I had no idea you had an ancient, eight-decade history at stake here. You are clearly a proud people who have suffered greatly.

“Nancy Grace seems nice.”

  • Lady Willpower

    Dan Snyder is clearly just being stubborn at this point. Sports teams change their names and logos all the time.

  • muselet

    Wow. For the average American, that ad should target one-sixteenth of your heartstrings and make the rest feel extremely guilty. The strongest possible pushback you can have after watching something amazing like that is, “Yeah, but … you’re right. You’re right, we’ve got to change the name. You’re right. You’re right.”


  • bbcaaat

    Does this site respond slowly for you too?