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Swing and a Miss


Remember the conservative white guy who changed his name so he would no longer be oppressed?

Arizona congressional candidate Cesar Chavez, formerly known as Scott Fistler, has been kicked off the ballot.

Judge John Rea ruled he could not appear on the Democratic primary ballot because more than 700 signatures on his nomination petition were invalid, a court spokesperson confirmed to Fusion. [...]

The suit alleged that the candidate had collected hundreds of invalid signatures, missed the deadline to switch party affiliations, and was running a sham candidacy to deliberately confuse voters.

The lawsuit against Cesar Chavez was filed by Alejandro Chavez, the grandson of the real Cesar Chavez who Scott Fistler took the name of because his former name caused him to “experience many hardships.”

I wonder how he feels about that name change now.

Tuesday’s ruling is a blow for “Chavez,” who recently told The Arizona Republic that his campaign was “too legit to quit.


  • muselet

    And now the freshly-minted Cesar Chavez can disappear into that oblivion reserved for multiply-failed political candidates.

    He should look into some other, more suitable, form of employment. Maybe a dollar store near him is hiring stockers.


  • bbiemeret


    That is all, carry on.