The Revolution Has Been Delayed Far Too Long


Wingnut lawyer and leader of the movement to overthrow the president Larry Klayman has agreed to accept censure because he really needs to get back to the business of saving America from our tyrannical Usurper in Chief.

“I wanted to put [the ethics case] behind me because I have a lot of important things to do to also protect the American people,” Klayman said on Tuesday. [...]

Klayman founded Judicial Watch and served as its chairman and general counsel from 1994 to 2003. According to the agreement Klayman signed with bar counsel, he represented three individuals suing Judicial Watch between 2006 and 2008. He didn’t get Judicial Watch’s consent to take those cases, as required by the local ethics rules when there are conflicts of interest involving a former client.

It’s not that he’s admitting that he’s guilty, it’s just that America needs Larry Klayman.

Where would we be without Klayman and his sparsely-attended rallies to overthrow the government? His last rally managed to attract a spattering of hundreds out of the 10 million he expected, but he’s still fighting the good fight against an imaginary enemy with plenty of suckers in tow.

  • Hemisemidemiquaver

    “. . . sparsely-attended rallies to overthrow the government.”

    Ah, the good ole days!

    I’m hoping this “private Attorney General” out in Bundy-land leads a contingent to DC, with the intent to “overthrow” B. Hussein Obama. They’ll form a battle line (straight outta the Civil War) and advance on the White House. What can go wrong?

  • muselet

    Okay, Larry Klayman may have violated legal ethics rules. Sure, he may be a loony who’s obsessed with Hillary Clinton. And he may even entertain paranoid fantasies about John Roberts. But …

    No, wait. There is no “but.” Larry Klayman is a nutbar with no redeeming qualities. His lunacy is so pedestrian that it’s not even worth making fun of. He’s a man out of time, like a bad stand-up comedian who persists in doing material about the OJ Simpson trial.

    To think, this man has a license to practice law.