“The Takers” Unwittingly Appear in McConnell Campaign Ad

Remember the Ohio coal miners who lost a day’s pay and were forced by Murray Energy to appear in a campaign ad for Mitt Romney? We covered that here extensively both before and after the 2012 election cycle when the miners were subsequently fired because Romney lost; because “the takers outvoted the producers.”


Why bring this up again? Because the same miners are now unwittingly appearing in ads for Mitch McConnell.


I’m just guessing, but I assume these poor bastards didn’t sign on for being photoshopped into an ad for Team Mitch.

In March of this year Murray Energy filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency because the Clean Air Act was “costing hard-working Americans their jobs.”

That would come off as slightly more genuine if CEO Robert E. Murray had not personally fired over 150 employees just 3 days after President Obama was reelected.

Murray Energy rehired most of the employees Robert Murray fired after the election because Robert Murray is full of shit.

  • muselet

    I find it amusing that Mitch McConnell is using images of Ohio coal miners in his advertising in Kentucky, when both of those states recognize rights of publicity. (I cannot emphasize enough that I am not a lawyer, so I have no idea whether the miners could sue successfully over the misappropriation of their likenesses. It would be fun to see them try, though.)

    The McConnell campaign is having an unusual amount of trouble with third-party images this year (first the Duke basketball team, now this), isn’t it?