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Bachmann: The LGBT Community Are All Child Rapists


I’m sorry to say, Michele Bachmann is still a sitting member of Congress representing Minnesota’s 6th congressional district until the end of the current session, and this may be the ugliest thing she has ever said or at least the ugliest thing I can recall.

via RightWingWatch

During a Wednesday appearance on the conservative radio show “Faith & Victory,” Rep. Michele Bachmann accused the “gay community” of pushing “deviancy,” “tyranny” and child rape.

The Minnesota Republican warned that the gay community will “abolish age of consent laws, which means we will do away with statutory rape laws so that adults will be able to freely prey on little children sexually. That’s the deviance that we’re seeing embraced in our culture today.”

Bachmann also claimed the LGBT community wants to classify your objections to their child-raping ways as hate speech so you can’t stop them.

If it were anyone else I’d say they were pandering to a delusional audience, but I believe Bachmann really is this insane.

Her psychosis is undoubtedly fed and perpetuated every time she concocts another wild, paranoid tale about the dystopian hellscape that we don’t live in.

Bachmann is a national embarrassment.

  • Dave van Duzer

    then why is it 90% of child predators or Sanduskys (boys and girls) are married “heterosexuals”. She needs to be put away.

    • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

      Nailed it!

  • Churchlady320

    Oh hell, Alabama and other Southern states beat everyone to the punch making it legal to marry at 13. Age of consent is the old rockabilly wet dream. LGBT people are stodgy in comparison.

  • Ellen Kuhlmann

    the real embarrassment is that enough people voted for her that she keeps winning the her district.

  • muselet

    A generation or two ago, people like Michele Bachmann would be hooting and gibbering about interracial relationships and interreligious relationships, in much the same language (“Those filthy darkies are raping our little white girls!” or “Those filthy”—insert name of locally most-disliked religion here—”are corrupting our children!”).

    Here and now, people like Michele Bachmann hoot and gibber about The Ghey. It’s no more or less offensive than the nonsense spouted thirty or fifty or a hundred years ago.



  • Hemidemisemiquaver

    Looks like she’s getting in her final shots before leaving the House and losing access to her own, small bully pulpit.

    Will she stand for the GOP nomination in 2016? Yes. It will be her last shot at the “running for President” grift. Then, off to write articles for WorldNutDaily, ones that we will only learn about as JM roundly mocks them.

  • captkurt

    “That’s the deviance that we’re seeing embraced in our culture today.” Not sure what culture she is talking about. She should probably get out of the house more often.

  • Badgerite

    Legal rulings that say you cannot put people who commit no crime in jail and you can’t deprive them of the right to marry does not sound like allowing them to ‘prey on children’ to me.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Jeebus fleebing cripes on a popsicle stick. Something tells me there was a time when elected officials couldn’t get away with saying grotesque, hateful things like this about whole segments of the population. But I don’t think there was.

    • Treading_Water

      It’s not that they couldn’t get away with it, but they used to be embarrassed by it. They would cloak their bigotry in code words and dog whistle language. Now, they have abandoned the dog whistle in favor of the dog megaphone (you know, you grasp the dog firmly by the hind legs and shout your fear and rage into it’s nether orifice) and they no longer feel any shame. In fact, they have become strangely emboldened by the end of racism in this country.