Stupid Party

Obama’s Fault

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant (R) says it’s Obama’s fault that that Mississippi has a high rate of uninsured persons.

BRYANT: “If statistics show that the ill-conceived and so-called Affordable Care Act is resulting in higher rates of uninsured people in Mississippi, I’d say that’s yet another example of a broken promise from Barack Obama.”

Here’s the problem: Bryant has refused to expand Medicaid under Obamacare.

Over 130,000 people have no coverage because of Bryant.


  • hanadora444

    Of course it’s Obama’s fault. He keeps on being black making it impossible for Bryant to work with him.

    • D_C_Wilson

      If only Obama would stop being president while black, none of these problems would occur.

  • mr spork

    It’s the Supreme Court’s fault for declaring the Medicaid expansion to be optional.

  • muselet

    If Phil Bryant’s shoelace broke, he’d blame Barack Obama.