Immigration Open Thread Russia

Think of the Children


Artist – Jimmy Margulies

In other news, Senator Ted Cruz says he won’t support an emergency funding bill to handle the increased amount of undocumented children entering the country unless we deport all DREAMers as well.

Will the GOP follow him off a cliff? They might.

Meanwhile, I’m cutting things off a little early today because this was absolutely horrible. One of the most horrible things I’ve ever read.

  • fry1laurie

    I remember an editorial cartoon from the 1880s I saw in a high school textbook. It was an immigrant getting off the boat and being stopped, their hands literally up to prevent him passing, by three “American” solid citizens in fine clothes and with the trappings of wealth. But behind the three men were the shadows of their ancestors who came to America, each one as disheveled as the new immigrant. How quickly some forget.