John Oliver Brings Humor to the Humorless

I felt pretty terrible about this past weekend’s events in Ferguson this morning but, fortunately, John Oliver is here to make us all laugh.

As a general rule, no one should ever say ‘there is no history of racial tension here’ because that sentence has never been true anywhere on Earth.

Oliver manages to comprehensively recap the situation and make the absurd seem funny if only for a moment. And he killed me with the mock Metal.

“We’re gonna a stop a burglary at Little Caesars!”

  • Ipecac

    Good segment. Don’t read the Youtube comments. Bunch of assholes there..

  • muselet

    Well, they don’t currently pose a threat, but you know it’s all about what they might do. Now, they could for instance join the police, be given a gun they’re not trained to use properly, and wander around pointing it at people. That would be fucking terrifying.