Immigration Super Stupid

Mo Brooks is Very Confused

Should the undocumented be able to earn citizenship by serving in the military? I think so, but Representative Mo Brooks (R-War on Whites) says he couldn’t trust immigrants with our nuclear arsenal.

BROOKS: “These individuals have to be absolutely 100% loyal and trustworthy, as best as we can make them, ‘cause they’re gonna have access to all sorts of military weaponry — even to the point of having access to weapons of mass destruction like our nuclear arsenal. And I’m gonna have much greater faith in the loyalty of an American citizen than someone who is a citizen of a foreign nation.”

The good news is even if they were allowed to serve in the military, they wouldn’t have unilateral access to our nuclear arsenal.

The bad news is Mo Brooks is a sitting representative of the United States. Mo Brooks sits on various House subcommittees for Science, Space, and Technology and Armed Services.

  • aynwrong

    Can we please replace Mo Brooks on that committee with a “citizen from a foreign nation?”

  • muselet

    Mo Brooks doesn’t have to worry about reelection (AL-05 has a Cook PVI of R+17), so when he says the Ds are conducting a war on whites or that immigrants would use the nuclear arsenal to do something dire, that’s not posturing or pandering. He’s saying what he really believes.

    If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will.


  • WiscoJoe

    Can someone please ask Mo Brooks if undocumented immigrants have a right to keep and bear arms? The cognitive dissonance would be hilarious!