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The Daily Banter Mail Bag: Sympathizing with African-Americans, Attacking Twitter Trolls and the Big Banter Announcement

In this week’s edition of The Daily Banter Mail Bag, Bob, Ben and Chez discuss empathizing with black Americans, Twitter trolling and the big Banter announcement!

The questions. Answers here.

1. Do you think you have the ability to put yourselves in the mindset of someone who’s black in this country? I understand that each of you isn’t black, but you seem like smart progressive writers so do you try to truly empathize with the plight of black America when you talk about it? Do you feel like your work suffers if you can’t?
– Alice

2. Twitter says they’re going to do more to stop trolls after what happened to Robin Williams’ daughter. Do you think anything can be done at this point or is internet ugliness just beyond anyone’s control? How do you personally deal with trolls?
– Kristy

3. What’s the big announcement?
– Todd

  • Christopher Foxx

    To what email address does one submit questions?

    • i_a_c

      Hey Christopher, I’m trying to help get to the bottom of your issue here.

      I’ve sent an email to Ben before and gotten a response. Otherwise, maybe get Ashby to ask Bob or something.

      • A. Cawthorne

        From Christopher:

        i_a_c, I really appreciate your help and support.

        I’ve sent emails to Ben and Bryce, the two people who have addresses listed at the Banter’s “contact” page. I’m hoping to find someone at the Banter to correspond with about this. Doing so via comments doesn’t seem the right approach to me. It makes a public conversation out of what should be a quiet chat between two people.

        But if I can’t get replies from Ben or Bryce, or find addresses for others who may be able to connect me to them (Chez? Bob? Ashby? Tommy?) it may be the only avenue available to me to try to find out what happened and how to fix it.

        Ben said they like to be fair, and I hope that’s true because as it is, after years participating in the Banter I’ve been summarily banned without warning or explanation or any response so far to my requests to find out what I did to prompt this.

        • i_a_c

          You could try some similar-looking email addresses which may or may not work. You could hit up Ashby or Bob on Twitter where they are both very active. I don’t have a Twitter account but sometimes read what they’re up to there.

          I don’t think Ashby has mod access on TDB but he would certainly be able to ask Bob or someone to look into it. Ashby also reads the comments so maybe he’ll see this. Perhaps I’ll flag this post to grab his attention.

          So Ashby, if you are reading this, any chance you could look into the situation in the comments at the link above?

          • Christopher Foxx

            (Forgot I can still comment at Bob’s site myself. So I don’t have to pester AC to help me out over here.)

            Thank you, i_a_c. Truly.

            It’s a Friday and TDB doesn’t update over the weekend. But if I don’t hear anything by the end of Monday I may start trying what you suggest. I really don’t want to come close to spamming, if I’m in the doghouse for whatever reason I don’t want to add to it. But I really would like to know why I was banned and how I might it fit it.

            It’s that not knowing why that is so puzzling and, honestly, seems unfair.